My offer to you

Come chat with Sylvie and her friends in her living-room on the Plateau How would you like to meet with a long-time Montreal resident who looks forward to answering all your questions on Montrealers, restaurants, shopping, etc.? How about having breakfast or a drink with Sylvie and her Quebec friends?

Sylvie is an urbane epicurean, optimistic and passionate. She loves outings and meeting people. That’s when she comes alive, creates networks and bonds…and has fun! Whether you travel alone, in pairs or as a group, meeting Sylvie will light up your visit to Montreal. She boasts an extensive network of accomplices: would you like to meet with a stylist, a jewelry artisan, a yoga teacher? She will find one among her 1200 contacts. Moreover, she organizes monthly thematic events. Sylvie acquired her large Victorian house on the Plateau Mont-Royal when she first settled in Montreal, more than 30 years ago. The Plateau is one of the most interesting Montreal boroughs known for its architecture, artists and its joie de vivre. The subway is close by and a short half-hour walk takes you downtown or to Old Montreal.

How it works After a pleasant walk as introduction to the Plateau, you can choose to have breakfast, or lunch with Sylvie. The above are but a few suggestions. You can draw up the type of visit you prefer, a few hours to a few days. Sylvie wants to offer tourists the authentic visit they have always dreamt of: meeting with a well-connected Montrealer in one of Montreal’s most popular boroughs and asking her all they have always wanted to know about Montreal.